Thomas, the tank engine to the rescue

Anyone who knows P well enough knows his dislike to learn and speak Hindi. I am guessing it is an acquired gene as both the father and me are not exactly Hindi pundits and we mess up on the gender big time while conversing with the Hindi population. Incidentally the gene goes back one more generation – the maternal grandfather. So, in short I have a stubborn P with overpowering ‘Hindi dislike’ DNA, coming up with random excuses for not doing his Hindi school work.

As always I went back to my trusted aid – art to tame the demon.

P’s current flavour of the season being ‘Thomas and his friends’ – aka Thomas the tank engine. I decided to use Thomas and his friends to teach him Hindi.

I got P to draw Percy (steam engine) and divided it to write the Hindi consonants. I then got P to identify and say the consonant aloud. Then, I got him to colour the soft sounds in red and the hard sounds in blue. This way he was identifying, reading, using the right colour and above all focussing on the task given. It was rather funny seeing P reading and trying the identify if the sound is soft or hard, to decide the colour. He got most of it right and the best part was he didn’t realise he was actually learning.

IMG_20150726_103035 IMG_20150726_103459 IMG_20150726_111606


Sure enough after this he went on to draw his favourite Thomas engine, in which we did phonics and blend words.

This activity just strengthened my belief that art is a sure short way to learn anything in a stress free and fun way.