Nurse elephant’s big lesson to P

P came with an unusual request today. ‘Amma, I want to see and paint the Jungle Hospital story’. We have in the past, done art work based on stories and characters that P has loved. In all those, the art that followed were largely from P’s memory and imagination. So today’s request took be aback.

I gave in when he reasoned that he just couldn’t draw the Nurse elephant in her costume or Timmy Tiger with his leg in a cast or Philip Frog in a wheel chair, without seeing the book.

The story, ‘The Jungle Hospital’ from the book ‘Bedtime 2 Minute Tales’ has been P’s favourite in the last 2 weeks. He has been fascinated with Nurse elephant and how she heals other wounded animals in the story, for long.

P soon sat down with the story book and his art book and got to work. He had a tough time trying to get the orientation, perspective and depth right and kept calling for help from me. I did pitch in but kept it at the bare minimal as I wanted him to understand there is no ‘right way’ in art. He has to enjoy the process, even if it meant crooked faces, jagged lines, wrong perspectives or numerous correction. He should not draw or paint to please the gallery.

Big concept, I know, but my little fellow did manage to get it and soon shut the book and let his imagination flow.

P coloured his work in crayons, outlined with sketch and later gave a bright water colour wash to the entire painting.

My boy has truly made a big leap – of drawing on his own, mixing various medium and most of all enjoying the process.

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