Oh! the places you’ll fly!

It’s summer vacation for P and as always we are flooded with a variety of art classes he can choose to attend. I seem to be more excited than him reading the details of what each class has to offer. As we browse through our options, one mail catches P’s attention – it read – Learn what makes planes fly. (why am I not surprised?). It was a three day workshop that promised to teach kids about the science behind flying machines and they will make their own models too. The deals was sealed immediately.

It was hard to contain P’s excitement after each day of the workshop. He needed no nudging to put his thoughts on art paper. It’s been three days since the workshop ended by my little fellow is still in the ‘flying zone’ and rattles off the various forces and energy required for the thrust and take off, at every opportunity. The excitement has spilled over to his art too and now we get to see planes from different perspective – something that took me many classes to learn.

Each of his work is proof enough which direction his heart flies to.



A place P calls heaven – Airport

We spent our summer vacation traveling quite a bit.  We planned a multi-modal, multi city travel and managed to travel by all modes of transport – car, double-decker buses, trains, trams, subways and of course P’s favourite planes. It was a fist for P in many ways. His first road trip, first air museum, transport museum, first experience of sitting in a fighter plane cockpit, cockpit experience in a retired nuclear bomber, Legoland, theme park, farms, horses and walking for long stretches just taking in the beauty of nature.

There were a zillion questions and wondering and marvel at every point and I was prepared for some sort of translation into art when we came back. I expected him to draw planes, nature, the farm with its farm animals etc. and that too much after we settled in after our long journey.

Much to my surprise (or not!), P got into action the minute we put our bags down at home. He quickly scurried to get his wooden planks, planes and knick-knacks to re-create the big busy airports he saw. It was the first time he had seen parallel runways, subway trains for terminal transfer and of course so many A380s, dreamliners and jumbo jets taking off and landing as if on his request. It was certainly a dream come true for my little fellow.

‘I don’t want to miss the details amma’ he told me when I asked him what prompted him to get to work asap. Sure enough, he hasn’t missed any!




A beesy internashional airport

If there is one thing that has remained unchaged for P, it is his love for planes. Friends and family who know this, have gifted him all kinds of planes and yet if someone were to ask him, “what do you want as a gift?”, the answer will be “Plane”.

P has an enviable collection of planes including some that are scale models of the real ones. He usually plays with them, making them take off, land, refuel in mid air, emergency landings and what not.

Recently though, he has been fascinated with the behind the scenes like construction, hangars and airport. An airport set gifted by his uncle and a book on airport from his aunt was enough to trigger P’s imagination. He quickly collected his blocks and made an elaborate ‘ beesy internashional’ airport.

It was truly a proud moment for me to see how much my li’l fellow has observed during our visit to the airport.From food truck to aerobridge, ATC and luggage trucks, they were all there in our busy airport.

Now I am waiting to see the design get translated on paper.


Waiting to board throught the aerobridge, while the food gets loaded


Waiting for clearance from ATC






Scratch Painting

P is still settling into his longer school schedule, the fall out of which is our far spaced art projects. Hence, we were delighted when we found a free morning and soon got down to our art work.

One of the things I had lined up was scratch painting. Guess P found the word ‘scratch’ more appealing than the rest of the lined up art projects, so scratch painting it was. I must confess, I too was inclined to this as there is some sort of therapeutic pleasure in scratching out paint!

I got P to start off by drawing his favourite object (plane – a no brainer!) on paper. I then made him colour it with oil pastels. A tip – the more colours you use the better the final art work will be. So P used a lot of pink, green and blue.


I then got him to paint the whole sheet with black acrylic paint. When the paint was still wet, we started to scratch out the black paint using toothpick, fork and any slightly sharp object. As he started scratching, the bright oil colours started to reveal, which looked stunning against the black. P kept scratching till the shape of the plane revealed.


A visibly thrilled P claimed he can now paint night scenery too!


Dad’s magnum opus – Aircraft carrier

Ever since P saw the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant being built in Cochin, he has been asking the father to make him one. It didn’t take much to convince the airplane lover himself. So over many weekends, my plane obsessed boys got down to work. The father started out by collecting old business cards from friends and family, who donated rather generously. Having collected quite a pile, P and H started sorting them in various lengths, widths and thickness.

IMG_20141024_150541 IMG_20141024_150559

Once done H wrote out the exact measurements and since it involved an assortments of scales, tape and compass, P was super excited. He then started making the framework by sticking the cards. At this point P was only too happy to do the sticking and having his alternate version of INS on the side. Once the framework was done, more measurements were taken to make the deck.

IMG_20141025_111132                 IMG_20141026_125828

The deck too was made sticking less thicker cards. Then came the control tower and helipad. By now the aircraft carrier occupied most of our living room and P couldn’t contain his happiness. He immediately lined up his fighter planes ready for take off and landing. That’s when he realised the runway was not marked.

Jpeg   Jpeg

Another round of careful measurements and the runway and helipad got marked and painted. And finally there it stood – the father’s magnum opus – aircraft carrier!

Jpeg     Jpeg

Needless to say all other toys and activities have stopped after this and P is now busy flying fighter planes from INS Vikrant on rescue missions and imaginary war all day!

Jpeg                                               Jpeg