I love art and craft and can spend hours drawing, painting, crocheting and creating things. When P came into my life I wanted him to be a part of my world of art. Albeit a wee bit later than i thought, P ran into the world of colours and textures and loves it here.

This blog is our journey together exploring the beautiful world of art, learning from each other and yeah sometimes Dad pitches in too!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Maya,love this blog. Daughter seem to have a creative streak and my original creative ideas are zilch. This is one space we are going to frequent and borrow ideas from.
    A big thank you to P and his amma! Keep going!

  2. Hi Bindu, stumbled on this today and must say makes for interesting reading. My little Adi is 3 and i was wondering how soon i can initiate him to doing something creative. Right now the most creative thing is to make traffic jams with toy cars.

    • Hi Priya. By the way my name is Maya.Thanks for stopping by.
      Kids can be introduced to art as early as 6-8 months when they can sit up on their own. They still won’t be able to grasp but their sensory skills can be enhanced using art. Your son is 3 and surely you can do a lot of arty projects with him. I would suggest gauge his interest and then proceed. Don’t force him. Try initiating him to art through cars. Hope my blog inspires you to find interesting things to do with Adi

  3. Maya – such a fantastic blog. I’m inspired to try some of these. I wish you had an index or something so I could find your posts easily!

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