Special pen pals

P’s aunt is a special ed teacher to kindergarten students in the U.S. She has an eclectic group of students  and she often talks to them about India and about P.

While teaching about India, she planned a skype session of her students with P, so they can experience hown technology can bring people from different nationalities closer. Both parties were thrilled at the idea and were excited talking to each other. The class had so many questions for P and P, needless to say had endless ones too. Some of them were:

“What is your teacher’s name?, What do you like to do? , Do you know to write? Why are you not in bed. Isn’t it late night in India?”

P’s questions “Do you like my aunt? Is she your favourite teacher? Do you get lot of homework? When do you go to sleep?”

We had to end the happy banter of Q and As. Obviously, the kids wanted more. That’s when my sis-in-law came up with a lovely idea of pen pals. Weeks later we got a big letter from her class with more questions. P was super thrilled to receive a letter in his name – that too a big one.



He immediately sat down to reply and wrote out a longish letter, answering all the questions. He insisted on sending them his painting of his second favourite animal – elephant (first being dogs), which his American friends may not have seen (his logic).


We posted the letter and now he anxiously waits for their reply.










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