A beesy internashional airport

If there is one thing that has remained unchaged for P, it is his love for planes. Friends and family who know this, have gifted him all kinds of planes and yet if someone were to ask him, “what do you want as a gift?”, the answer will be “Plane”.

P has an enviable collection of planes including some that are scale models of the real ones. He usually plays with them, making them take off, land, refuel in mid air, emergency landings and what not.

Recently though, he has been fascinated with the behind the scenes like construction, hangars and airport. An airport set gifted by his uncle and a book on airport from his aunt was enough to trigger P’s imagination. He quickly collected his blocks and made an elaborate ‘ beesy internashional’ airport.

It was truly a proud moment for me to see how much my li’l fellow has observed during our visit to the airport.From food truck to aerobridge, ATC and luggage trucks, they were all there in our busy airport.

Now I am waiting to see the design get translated on paper.


Waiting to board throught the aerobridge, while the food gets loaded


Waiting for clearance from ATC






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