Water colour resist painting

Water colour is a tricky medium, especially for children who love it’s vibrant transparency, but are unable to manage its runny character. P has watched me do innumerable water colour paintings as it is one of my favourite mediums. But he has never got the hang of controlling the ‘running paint’.

Just giving the drawing a water proof border will do the trick. Water colour resist is a good way of teaching children to paint within lines and to manage runny water colours. It is pretty simple and the results are more than satisfactory.

We chose to do this on a small canvas as P wanted to display his work in the living room and not on the door of art. I thought doing leaves will be a good start as there is enough inner space to paint. Thi is how you go about it.

Things you will need

  • Canvas/Paper
  • Fevicol (the tube one)
  • Water colours


  • Draw the picture of your choice
  • Outline with a thick border of fevicol. Wiat for it to dry out completely
  • Once the border is firm, use water colours and paint.
  • Outline (if you please) once the art work is completely dry

The thick border of fevicol prevents the water colours to run around and they stay right inside. It also allows some amount of shading and texturing without spoiling the shape of things drawn.

Cool isn’t it!




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