Smoke art

P and I hate the long spells of not doing art projects together. While P indulges in art on a daily basis with his random drawings, painting or just creating things with his blocks, ice cream sticks and other stuff lying around the house, our ‘art together’ time is getting challenged. So today we more than made up for it by doing a long pending project – smoke art.

I was inspired seeing a few smoke paintings online and at a gallery in the city. Smoke painting is a difficult art and needs great dexterity and manipulation to get the right form and effect. P is too young for it and I am still learning it. So I thought  a simpler version of it will be a great start.

Warning: Parental guidance is required for this project

Materials required: Candle and Paper

Method: Light the candle and slowly move the paper (right side on the flame) over the candle till the black smoke creates dancing patterns on the white paper.


First we tried on plain paper


and then on some of P’s previous art work.


P even tried to draw stars and moon with a Q-tip over the smoke.


We loved the smokey texture and background on the paintings – especially the Ganesha one. It gave a celestial touch to P’s art!

IMG20150912121559 IMG20150912121847


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