Increase attention span using coloured chalks

We read this delightful book where Blossom the fairy loses her wings and how she get a spanking new one. I forgot to write down the author’s name before returning it to our library, so pardon me for not giving the exact name and author.

The story is about how a little fairy called Blossom loses her fairy wings and her friend, the butterfly gets his friend the silkworm to grow a fine silky thread which is then spun by his second friend the spider, into beautiful wings.

P was fascinated by how silkworm produces silk and the spider spinning it. The illustrations in the book are colourful and very captivating. I knew this would get translated into an art work when P poured over the illustration for the longest time.

Although messy, coloured chalks are a great medium because of its texture and its non-flexible property. Unlike crayons or watercolours or colour pencils, colour chalks require the right pressure to colour, shade and outline. If one is not careful to cover the coloured portion before moving to the next uncoloured area, the colour can spread. Your fingers and hands can get messy too in the process. Having said that it is a great medium to improve a child’s focus and attention.

I know P hates mess and is finicky about his work being ‘propah’ (no, that’s not what I advocate). Nevertheless, I explained the rules and demonstrated the way to use the chalks too and let him have a go.

Of course he cribbed about the colours getting mixed, his hands getting dirty but I think he enjoyed the process. I for one patted myself on the back as this got P to focus for a long span of time and actually paying attention to the rules set.

I definitely urge you to try out chalks if your child has issues with focussing and has attention deficiency.



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