Oil + oil pastel art

I found this type of mixed medium painting in artful parent, a blog I follow regularly. The end result did not impress me much but the process and the science it hid was interesting. The art was to get a shading or bleeding effect using oil pastels and oil. The base of oil pastels is oil so by colouring the art work with crayons and then infusing oil (any oil) to let them bleed and give a shaded effect.

The science behind it, which the artful parent missed out was liquid and their viscosity. When water is used to shade or bled (water colours), it is far more easy as it is less viscous. Oil being more viscous tends to pull or bleed the colour slower than water. Also two colours may not blend easily with oil. Of course P is too young to understand this, but I explained it using weight – oil is heavier than water.

I briefly explained the art process to him and he sat down to draw and paintIMG_20150615_105513

He then went on to infuse oil with the cotton buds and the colours blended beautifully. I too tried my hand on one of the Ganesha’s P had drawn and not coloured.


The subtle bleeding effect of black, blue and pink

The subtle bleeding effect of black, blue and pink

P's drawing which I coloured

P’s drawing which I coloured

P didn’t like the end result of his art .”So much work and not so nice” he commented. “So was there any part that was nice?” I quizzed

“Yes, us sitting and painting together.” he said and ran off to play with his Thomas engine and Jet plane.

Yup, that’s totally worth it!


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