Feeding Shanmugham

Ever since P has joined for basketball classes, the sound of dribbling and shooting imaginary baskets is a constant at home. I can hear the ball being dribbled even in my sleep. All was quiet on the art project front for a few days thanks to the new found love – basketball. But yesterday P came sulking and said he missed many chances at the basket because he could not practice – talk about priming the parent to buying a new basketball set! So I made a deal with him that we will make one that will be fun and help him in his game.

I had done this project with a group of children for one of my workshops and I thought it will work great. So we pulled out thick card paper, chart paper, scissors and pen and got to work. I drew out a lion (Shanmugham) with an open mouth which P cut out and stuck on the card paper. I then helped him draw out the eyes, ears, mane and whiskers. We punched a hole and hung it in his room.

IMG_20150514_143820 lion 2

We made a story that Shanmugham was always hungry and needed to be fed else he will roar and wake up the neighbourhood (inspired from the book ‘Snoring Shanmugham’). P had to feed him paper balls and keep him quiet.

Now P merrily practices his shooting and mutters ‘there you go Shanmugham, eat your vegetable’. And the house is temporarily spared from becoming a basketball court.


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