P’s beauty school!

On a lazy summer afternoon

P: Amma what are you reading?

Me: The Kabul Beauty School.

P: Is it the same as my school?

Me: No, this is a beauty school where they teach how to make someone look beautiful.

P: Oh! Do the children have to study ‘an’, ‘at’, ‘in’ words, adeeshion and ah,aah, eh,eeh (hindi alphabets)?

Me: No they study how to do make-up, paint nails, cut hair and many other things.

P: (Catching in on the ‘paint nails’) Paint nails? I want to do too.

And then, just like that, started our impromptu session of painting nails, trying contrasting colours, doing nail art with toothpick and finally painting on his white T-shirt with nail polish. I was having too much fun that I just had to overlook the mess. I love the fact that my boy didn’t for once think it is a ‘girl’ thing – all he thought was colour and the fun possibilities it involved.

Whoever said ‘you just need to look around you for inspiration’, sure said it right.

IMG_20150506_152821 IMG_20150506_152029 IMG_20150506_152119 IMG_20150506_161206


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