Scratch Painting

P is still settling into his longer school schedule, the fall out of which is our far spaced art projects. Hence, we were delighted when we found a free morning and soon got down to our art work.

One of the things I had lined up was scratch painting. Guess P found the word ‘scratch’ more appealing than the rest of the lined up art projects, so scratch painting it was. I must confess, I too was inclined to this as there is some sort of therapeutic pleasure in scratching out paint!

I got P to start off by drawing his favourite object (plane – a no brainer!) on paper. I then made him colour it with oil pastels. A tip – the more colours you use the better the final art work will be. So P used a lot of pink, green and blue.


I then got him to paint the whole sheet with black acrylic paint. When the paint was still wet, we started to scratch out the black paint using toothpick, fork and any slightly sharp object. As he started scratching, the bright oil colours started to reveal, which looked stunning against the black. P kept scratching till the shape of the plane revealed.


A visibly thrilled P claimed he can now paint night scenery too!


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