Solar system using spin art

P got a lovely gift from his favourite aunt (we call her our in-house Santa Claus!) – spin art set.  It’s a more sophisticated version of blow and rotate art, which we used to do as kids. Back then we would put paper on a plate and when one would keep rotating the plate, the other will drop the paint and blow it to get a spin effect. The end product is very abstract and the fun part is it is different each time. This set is of course more posh, less messy and can be done by one person/child.

IMG_20150318_125150             IMG_20150318_125139

I asked P to describe the art for me once he finished and he immediately said ‘Solar system’. I was pleasantly surprised when he went on to detail the sun, planets and comets! That is a possibility that didn’t cross my mind! We then went on to talk a lot more about shooting stars and milky way.

IMG_20150318_125034             IMG_20150318_130456

We made birthday cards out of the final pieces of art for ammuamma (granny),a  cousin brother and an aunt who have their birthdays this month.



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