Science through art

P and I are back from our short break and we resume our respective call of duties tomorrow. Hence the silence  from us. I thought I’ll kick start with an adorable project we did before we left for our break – the climbing elephant.

I was inspired to do this one after I saw a similar climbing robot on The crafter had made a robot for her toddlers and they loved it. I stretched the project further and included a little science in it – the concept of pulley system. But before we embarked on the project I jogged P’s memory on how we saw women drawing water from the well in our ancestral village, during our previous vacation. I also showed him a few videos and pictures. The father contributed by explaining the pulley system in the elevator of our building.

Having set the base, I made P draw an elephant and outline it. I also made him cut one sippy straw into 4 pieces (actually you need just 2 pieces). We stuck the straw behind the drawing and looped a long string through the pieces of straw. I then looped 2 beads to prevent the string from slipping off.

IMG_20150330_214105         IMG_20150307_131735            IMG_20150307_131751                 IMG_20150307_131701

We hung it on the door knob and the elephant was ready to climb. P was overjoyed when he saw his elephant climbing the door as he pulled the beads. He kept pulling and releasing the beads to get the elephant climb up and down.

P was occupied pretty much the whole day with his climbing elephant – perfect for me to do my art in peace.


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