Pushing P’s boundary of creativity

The sun is coming down harsh on us and we are back to trying to like hot and sunny days. Sun catchers are a hit with P in terms of making, hanging and admiring for exactly 20 minutes. Soon he is back to his planes and trains.

We have made many sun catchers using different art material, but this one is slightly different as it’s a paper on paper. It is also special to me as it pushed P to think beyond the obvious. This project brought out his skill of working independently and jogged his left brain to think, imagine and express his ideas.

IMG_20150103_163400                                          IMG_20150103_163423

What you will need

Crepe paper – bright coloured

Parchment paper

Mix of fevicol and water

Black marker



Cut out various bright coloured crepe paper and place it in a bowl. Mix fevicol and water, either 2:1 or 1:1, whatever suits you. Get your child to fill the coloured strips on the parchment paper and allow it to dry.

Once dry ask her/him what the design looks like to them. Get them to outline the shape using a marker. Cut, punch a hole and hang it in a sunny corner of your home.

The idea is to get the child imagine and express. Don’t worry about preciseness of shape and design or the logic.

P thought one looked like an elephant (predictable as the elephant phase continue), one a lion, one a sleeping dog and one a happy sun in the solar system. P’s sleeping dog resembled the sun with a long tail to me till he gave me a long explanation and convinced me it looked like a dog. The sun had taken a moon from Uranus to play – explanation for a blue crepe paper inside the sun’s pink and purple face.

The fact that he could see what I couldn’t and convinced me made my day sunnier!


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