Fun math game

I was in for a surprise today, one that brought back fond old memories of my old students. I was organising my work cupboard and I found some of the games that I had made to teach Math to my students who had dyscalculia.

One particular game  – ‘netting the insect’ was their favourite and we have played it on a loop. The game is an easy one – the board is a garden with many insects sitting on leaves. the players are given nets (counters) and they have to roll the dice to land on a number (leaf). If there are insects on it, then they net it and its theirs. The player who reaches the finish point with maximum insects is the winner. Of course there are many twists like ‘miss a turn’, ‘grab an extra bug from bonus pile’, ‘go back 2 steps’ etc, to add to the excitement.

IMG_20140107_192514 IMG_20140107_192619

The game teaches counting, number progression, addition, moving counters in the forward and backward direction, besides comprehending instruction and waiting for their turn.

I knew P will love it since it involved insects. He is also learning addition in school, so it was a perfect way to go over fun math



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