Easy drawings using finger printing

Thanks to a lot of art activities, we get a lot of magazines and books on art through email and snail mail. I have made it a habit to scour them with P, not that he understands or reads much of it , but he can see different art work, techniques and colour schemes. Some of them have detailed creative stuff to do with kids, while others have quick and easy drawings. One particular project that caught P’s interest was simple drawings from finger printing. These were simple everyday things one can draw using finger printing as it’s base.

We found this project in our monthly children’s magazine and in one of the art blogs. I showed it to P few weeks back but his interest didn’t hold then. However, in between his playing and general ambling around the house, I saw P kept going back to the magazine and looking at the finger print drawings. He finally came up to me last weekend and said, “you think we can try it?” And that’s how these cute colourful flora, fauna and underwater world was born.

IMG_20150110_130226  IMG_20150110_130213  IMG_20140812_220326


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