Art and conversations

This year I decided to make and personalise all our Christmas gifts. It was a long, tedious project done over almost a month because of paucity of time, but it was totally worth it for three reasons. One, the happy and smiling faces of friends when we gave the gifts, two, somewhere along P learnt that he can turn his doodles and paper scraps into cute gift tags, mosaic collage and gift wraps and three, something I didn’t bargain for, was the delightful conversations with P during the project.

The project was largely done by me and P helped enthusiastically in the sticking, cutting and printing process. During the time he helped me, we had long conversations, deliberations and harsh opinions. P confessed

  1. that he liked drawing more than painting ‘for now’
  2. that he thinks the colour purple is cool
  3. that elephants should have longer trunks to store more water,
  4. that African elephants have ears that resemble his uncle’s
  5. that planes should be more colourful rather than the boring white and silver
  6. that amma (I) should focus on my drawing as they are not neat enough
  7. that I simply must learn to draw planes correctly from the father
  8. that I speak too loudly when he is busy ‘working’ and it disturbs him

I got to hear so many opinions from my five year old that I now have a 2015 ‘to-focus’ list already!

Art has bonded us in ways I never imagined and I am truly happy and blessed that P is an enthusiastic partner in my arty world. Hope we have many more of these ‘Amma I think…’ sessions through our art journey.

Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and peaceful 2015.

notepad, post it holder, crochet jewellery pouch

notepad, post it holder, crochet jewellery pouch

Jpeg xmas gifts

personalised diary and wind chime

personalised diary and wind chime


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