Spicing up our bottles

P and I have been busy making handmade gifts and git wrappers for our gifting, this holiday season. After a point we decided to take a break from stamping, printing and all things paper. So I pulled out an old art project that I learnt from my kids at the NGO. It was also coincidental that a craft blog I follow –  teachbesideme.com, she too did the same activity with her kids. I showed it to P and he seemed keen on trying it out.

I pulled out old glass bottles and caps for the project. The metal caps needed a bit of sanding, so P gladly used the sandpaper and removed the silver paint. We couldn’t get the paint off from the plastic one. We then painted a thick coat of base paint using acrylic colours. Once it dried we painted our owls and elephant, again with acrylic paint. P also tried his hand at a lion and he went on to draw lavish whiskers and mane.

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

Once dry we put the lids back on the bottles and I transfered the masalas and condiments into the cool bottles. Now I have a big smile when I open my spices draw, with the owls and elephant staring back at me.


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