Personalised gift wrappers

It’s the season of gifting so P and I are back at our favourite art – stamping. We decided to make personalised wrapping papers to gift our handmade gifts. This not only adds a personal touch but also teaches P to look around and make do with the things we have before running to the store to buy.

I had a few stencils and stamps that I had saved from earlier days – I had bought these from the lovely craft store Itsy Bitsy. But as I wanted to teach P to creatively utilise things at home, we went on to make our own stamps too.

For making the stamps I used

  1. old wine bottle corks
  2. foam sheets
  3. double sided tape and scissors

I cut out a bird and elephant out of foam sheets and taped them to the corks and there we had – our very own stamps

IMG_20141017_103405  Jpeg

Once colours and ink pads were out, P and I happily stamped away on our dry cleaning paper sheets, parchment paper, old used chart paper and whatever else we found.


We hope the people we gift will appreciate our personalised wrappers.


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