Dad’s magnum opus – Aircraft carrier

Ever since P saw the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant being built in Cochin, he has been asking the father to make him one. It didn’t take much to convince the airplane lover himself. So over many weekends, my plane obsessed boys got down to work. The father started out by collecting old business cards from friends and family, who donated rather generously. Having collected quite a pile, P and H started sorting them in various lengths, widths and thickness.

IMG_20141024_150541 IMG_20141024_150559

Once done H wrote out the exact measurements and since it involved an assortments of scales, tape and compass, P was super excited. He then started making the framework by sticking the cards. At this point P was only too happy to do the sticking and having his alternate version of INS on the side. Once the framework was done, more measurements were taken to make the deck.

IMG_20141025_111132                 IMG_20141026_125828

The deck too was made sticking less thicker cards. Then came the control tower and helipad. By now the aircraft carrier occupied most of our living room and P couldn’t contain his happiness. He immediately lined up his fighter planes ready for take off and landing. That’s when he realised the runway was not marked.

Jpeg   Jpeg

Another round of careful measurements and the runway and helipad got marked and painted. And finally there it stood – the father’s magnum opus – aircraft carrier!

Jpeg     Jpeg

Needless to say all other toys and activities have stopped after this and P is now busy flying fighter planes from INS Vikrant on rescue missions and imaginary war all day!

Jpeg                                               Jpeg


3 thoughts on “Dad’s magnum opus – Aircraft carrier

  1. Lucky P….with so much of creativity in the genes coupled with the incessant energy and enthusiasm of his parents,,,,,way to go….simply awesome P’s own INS carrier…..I think you could place this art in the book of records. God Bless you all.

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