Happy to you, happy to you!

It’s a big day for us. We have two reasons to celebrate. One is, it’s the father’s birthday and second, artwithp has completed 1 year. So yay! time to celebrate.

P and I started talking about what we wanted to do for acha (father in malayalam). Of course the conversation veered to planes from the word go. He threw in a ‘let’s bake a cake’ somewhere into the conversation. So there it was – a card designed with a plane(Boeing dreamliner, 777, 737 to be specific) theme and a homemade cake.

P and I traced out our respective hands and drew and painted the dreamliner and other planes. We wrote out our message and there it was ‘our plane load of love’ for acha.

Jpeg  haris birthdayJpeg    birthday

Unfortunately for the cake I was left to fend for myself. P made it clear he only wanted to eat it.

We started the day with birthday songs for acha and artwithp, cut the cake and trotted out to our respective call of duties.

More celebrations later in the day!


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