Happy Diwali

It’s the festival of lights and the mood is really celebratory around us. As a family we hate crackers for three reasons – 1. the amount of pollution it causes 2. health – both P and I are wheezy 3. sheer waste of good money. We never buy or burst crackers, not even sparklers.

After planes and trains, P’s next love is dogs. He can spend hours with them and is ever eager to visit family and friends who own dogs. By now P knows that dogs cannot bear loud noises and that they hate crackers. So he has been telling his friends not to be kind to his friends and not burst crackers. Taking off from there , I decided our Diwali cards can carry the message besides wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali.

We folded coloured paper into little dogs – something P learnt from school. Then we stuck them on card paper, wrote out our message and sent them out. We fervently hope the cards reach on time and prevent our friends and family from bursting crackers.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Diwali.

IMG_20141020_150658                                            IMG_20141020_150712  IMG_20141020_150649


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