Learning seasons

We don’t really have all four seasons in Mumbai, yet I wanted P to know the distinction between them. What better way to teach than through art?

Considering it is technically fall/autumn now, I decided to introduce him to Autumn. Also he has been asking me about why there are so many brown leaves on the road and how come the tree in front of our building is becoming bald. So I thought the best way to teach him will be through life cycle of leaves.

I also think he is ready for water colours, now that his hand movements are more steady. I drew out many leaves in a line and outlined it with fevicol and let it dry for a few hours. The thick outline of fevicol is to prevent the water colours from running all over the paper.


I then marked the leaves green to brown and P had to read the them and paint accordingly. He started off with green, saw the next one had half green and half yellow written. The colours gradually changed to orange and then brown. I then explained how the new green leaves in spring slowly become yellow, orange and then brown in autumn after which they and fall off, only to be born again in spring.

Once the line was over, P thought it looked like a caterpillar and drew a big circle with smiley face. Ah! now that’s something that didn’t strike me!


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