Vidyarambam – May the light of knowledge guide you through.

Today is Vijayadashmi or Vidyarambam and for us South Indians it’s the day we initiate the little ones to the world of knowledge. All things new, whether it is a new venture, business, hobby class or any such thing is supposed to prosper if it is started on Vijayadashmi. Books and all things related to knowledge are kept at the altar of Goddess Saraswati for pooja for 1.5 days and taken after we write ‘hari shri ganapathaye namaha’ on rice.

Keeping with the tradition we kept our books, pens, pencils, brushes, art stuff and drums for pooja and P prayed fervently that his weapons of knowledge be blessed ‘100 times’. We started off the day with P writing on rice and reading and painting.


The day being auspicious, I thought I’ll share the game I play with P to help his sight word reading and identification.

I write all the words he knows (either from school or from the story we read) on flash cards and go over with him. I then mix them and put them in a basket.

When I call out the word, P searches them in the basket and then hangs them out to ‘dry’ on the clothes line using the peg. The basket is kept at a distance so that he can run back and forth. Sometimes, I time it to add to the fun and excitement.

IMG_20140409_124518                              IMG_20140409_123551IMG_20140419_124443

It’s a fun game that involves all skills recognition, reading, gross motor (running) and fine motor (pinning the card with the peg on the line).

Happy Vidyarambam. May the power of knowledge guide us all.


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