The festivities continue…

The Ganesh festival is long over but the hangover is still on in our home. I was pleasantly surprised last week when I got back from work. I could hear frenzied beating of various drums and plates right at the gate. I assumed P and his friends E1, E2 and E3 raided the kitchen and were having a kitchen orchestra.

As soo as I rung the bell, my helper told me to be quiet as P is just finishing his pooja and will be taking the Ganesh idol to the truck for immersion. P promptly announced I missed the aarti and can join the immersion procession. My helper proudly showed me the idol and the truck. And that’s when it struck me – my little fellow had made his own idol using his blocks instead of the actual idol!

IMG_20140920_121711                                          IMG_20140920_121634                               IMG_20140920_121428                                         IMG_20140920_121801

He emptied the bread box, filled it with woodden planks from his construction set, for weight and placed wheels from his block set. He used the pilot from his plane set as the driver, placed the ‘bappa’ atop and he drummed his way to the kitchen sink with ‘devotees’ (read helper and me) trailing.

A perfect treat to a tiring day for amma! Oh yes and sans all the bollywood music that follows the actual immersion procession!


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