Making our own gift wrapping paper

It’s raining birthdays and birthday parties and we have run out of wrapping paper. So I thought it will be fun to create our own wrapping paper. The paper from the dry cleaners I had stacked, thinking I’ll figure out what to do with it, saw the light of day finally. We got out our paints, spoons, brushes, forks and basically anything we could print with.

We started out laying the paper straight on our mat to ensure it’s devoid of wrinkles. P then squeezed out his favourite colours and started printing with fork, thumb, brush and at some point he found a discarded onion ring and tried some with that too.

The printed papers look cool and now our gifts are 100% handmade!

IMG_20140823_120533  IMG_20140823_132003  IMG_20140823_132049  IMG_20140823_132100

IMG_20140920_125011 IMG_20140920_125045


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