Art tribute to Lord Ganesh

The Ganesh festival just got over. Like all kids P’s favourite God is Ganesh or bappa as he calls him. And what better place to be than Mumbai during the festival. We love seeing all forms of the elephant head God and we try and see as many idols as we can in and around in our locality.

I wanted to do something around Ganesh festival with P and came up with this project. Now that P is more steady with his hands and can manoeuvre curve fairly well, I thought it would be best to combine drawing and paint.


We took out our coloured crepe paper, laid it out on watercolour paper and did our bleeding tissue art

I then drew a simple outline of Lord Ganesh once the colours dried. The idea was to have P go over with paint brush, but guess that will have to wait. P then went over the curves with sketch pen and managed to do a good job of the curves, pointees and proportion. He added his own bit here and there too which gave the Lord a modernist look.


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