Pressed flowers for posterity

While organising our art material, P and I stumbled upon something we had totally forgotten – pressed flowers. P had collected them during our summer vacation back home. Just looking at them brought back fond memories of our time outdoors with nature. 

We had a wonderful time in our hometown and P loved being outdoors in the greenery. My mother-in-law has a lovely patch of organic garden complete with vegetables, fruits, greens and flowers. P was fascinated with it and helped her amply to tend to them everyday. He sometimes doubled up as the stand-in scare crow to shoo away the birds. 

IMG_20140516_143428 IMG_20140516_143515IMG_20140516_143923 IMG_20140522_143055

On one such day, he and achamma (granny) plucked a whole bunch of flowers with the intend of doing some ‘art project’. Since there were too many distractions and P just could not focus, I thought it would be best to press them instead. So after explaining the various parts of the flower I got P to press the flowers in a big fat book, to be used later.

When the flowers tumbled out P and I were super happy. P noticed that the flowers were intact in shape but the colour changed from red to brown and there was no smell. I was taken aback with his observation as I really didn’t think about discussing the change the flowers had undergone, with him.

We soon stuck the flowers to a card and outlined them with silver paint and sent it off to aunts and cousins for their birthdays. P made sure I wrote a note saying the flowers are from achamma’s organic garden, so they are super special.

IMG_20140704_123733               IMG_20140704_123804


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