Shaving cream marble paper

We have made marble paper before using milk and food colouring, but this time I wanted to take it to another sensory level by adding texture and smell too. So I decided to use shaving cream. The creamy white fluff of the shaving cream has an inviting feel to it that even we adults love to squish our hands in it and the musk smell adds to the fun.

I bought one of the cheap foam spray bottles from the super market and P and I were ready to make our nice smelling marble paper and squish our hands later. The process is the same as regular marbling.

1. Spread a layer of shaving foam in a tray. Add drops of food colour randomly in the foamIMG_20140709_114120

3. Use a skewer, toothpick or fork to make patterns


4. Place a paper gently over the patterned foam and press lightly so that the design gets embossed on the paper


5. Peel the paper carefully and place on a flat surface.

6. Using a flat surface like butter knife or craft stick, scrape off the excess foam and hang it to dry.


Voila you have a sweet smelling marble paper which you can use for a whole range of things like cards, wrapping paper, note pad etc.

IMG_20140709_121329 IMG_20140709_121442IMG_20140709_121329

Once we made our stash, P dived straight in and started squishing and playing with the foam. He wrote his name, some random numbers did additions drew faces till finally the foam became one black mess.

IMG_20140709_120428 IMG_20140709_120603


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