Addition game

P has started addition in school and I wanted him to learn it with a game. I was inspired by a creative teacher who used this game to teach a concept in science. I loved it so much that I knew it would be a perfect game for P and me to learn math.

For the game you will need

2 empty toothpaste boxes/toilet roll or any other cylindrical box

Flash card

Marbles/small balls/ any big pulse

A tray



Fix the boxes with the addition sign in between.


Make the child put the balls through both the boxes one at a time so that it rolls and falls on the tray, While putting the ball make him count and repeat the number that went through each box.

IMG_20140805_202226 IMG_20140805_202031

To get the answer make him/her count the total number of balls in the tray.

I got P to write down the sum once done, that way it reaffirmed the concept.

P loved it so much that the next day when we played the addition game we made a story. He took out pig and big bad wolf puppet from our previous art project and pretended each ate ‘X’ number of balls. So the total balls they ate was equal to ‘X’.


I was thrilled to see his creativity and how he improvised on a math game and made it out to be a math + language activity.



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