Words in the rice mountain

P and I did a great learning activity today which not only focuses on his language and math but also his fine motor skills. All this while playing the game ‘words in the rice mountain’. 

To give you a background – P has started with 2 letter words (reading and writing) in school and I wanted to take him through this in a fun way. So we started out by pouring out a small mountain of rice in a vessel. I then hid the magnetic alphabets in the rice, covering them fully.


The game is to call out the word eg. am, an, it etc and P has to fish the alphabet from the rice mountain in under a minute and stick it on the fridge. The objective is to find the correct pair, time just adds to the fun.

IMG_20140804_184919 IMG_20140804_185012

P squished and rummaged through the rice mountain and ran to make the words.

IMG_20140804_185058 IMG_20140804_184904

Just when I thought we had enough, he suggested we do numbers too. So we went on stick various 2 digit numbers on the fridge.


We had a super time and I intend using this method even when he graduates to 3 letter words and additions.

If you have more than 1 child I highly recommend to play this. After all in a game more the merrier.


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