Fridge notes with wooden pegs

My niece from U.S sent us a bag of wooden pegs, something that is no longer available in here, for us to do art work. P kept looking at it for a long time and then declared as expected, ‘it will make a super plane’ and went on to stick a few pieces of paper for the wings and tail and flew it around.

I had other things in mind, so I waited till he got tired of his wooden plane. We then took out the colourful duct tape (another gift from my sis-in-law) and P chose one to use for the project. I got P to cut and tape the duct tape around he wooden peg so that it covered it fully.

P then stuck 2 googly eyes and I got out our tie and dyed tissue paper ( and did a simple fan folding. P jammed the paper into the peg’s opening and then stuck a big magnet behind.

And there it was our very own butterfly fridge magnet. We made another one with P’s current favourite character Peppa pig





I then stuck 2 small note pads in the opening of the peg and turned it into a quick reminder pad on the fridge



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