Tie and dye on paper

Ok, so the father thought it was a waste activity and we just ended up wasting colours on tissue paper. But I thought it was super cool as it was the first time I experimented with a type of art.

I’m talking about tie and dye, not on cloth but on paper. P and I have done tie and dye on cloth (organic and non-organic), so it was not a new technique for him. I wanted to try on tissue paper (best as it absorbs paint better) and see what comes up. P got excited as he loves to fold, tie and cut strings and there’s minimum supervision from me.

IMG_20140506_143958 IMG_20140506_144109

We went about folding and tying our paper really carefully as it can tear. Once done P dipped the corners of the folded paper into food colours. The thing with food colours is that they are so vibrant and strong that the effect is stunning.


We dipped multiple colours and kept the paper out to dry. Once it was bone dry we untied the strings and what a riot of designs and colours we had!

We intend doing this more to make cards, bookmarks and other gifts, but for now the first batch is for keeps.


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