Studying is fun

The new school year has started and it is keeping P and me quite busy. P now has more to write and read and added to that he has to learn to read and write a new language (Hindi). All this has kept us away from our favourite art activities, much to our displeasure. Nevertheless we have been having our own little fun while studying, and I’ll tell you how.

P’s aunt and cousins visited us during summer and they came with a whole lot of art goodies, one of which is Wiki sticks. These are waxy flexible sticks that can be bent,twisted and curled to any shape and stuck on any surface. the best part is they can don’t leave a mark on the surface and can be remolded again. The other, is something I found at Hamleys – washable pens that write on glass surface.

We have been having super fun with this lethal combination. Besides twisting and curling the wiki sticks into planes , trains and other creatures, P has been happily drawing on our big windows.

I decided to infuse this in to our daily study time too. I stick the wiki sticks as borders on the glass and P writes his alphabets, numbers and Hindi between the lines. It’s super fun as its a new medium, a new sensory experience and something that he cannot do in class.

Sure enough my little fellow has picked up his alphabets double quick.


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