Non-organic tie and dye

Another new cousin arrived in the family and we were back to scratching our heads how to welcome the little bundle into the family. We definetly wanted to print some baby clothes but also wanted to do something new. So I thought why not tie and dye. P and I did an organic version earlier but this time I decided to try the non-organic colours. 

P is older now so I showed him different techniques of tying the fabric (with rubber bands) and he managed to do some of it. He found the twisting and tying back the band tricky, so got rather annoyed. I bought blue, red and purple colours and once we tied up the fabric, dunked them in the coloured water and left them over night.

P could hardly wait for the fabric to dry, to untie the bands and see the wonderful designs. In his excitement a couple of them smudged and that kind of added an edge to the design. All in all it turned out well except the whole process was way messier than the organic version – I had to scrub the bucket and bathroom real hard for the colour to go. Also the blue fabric resembled a whitening process (using neel or blue bird brand) gone wrong.

We anyway gifted it to P’s new cousin hoping he will like it.





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