Home made Compass

It’s been long since we did our magical science experiments. Lest P loses interest, I quickly decided our next project will be an easy science experiment that will teach him the 4 directions – North, South, East and West. Living in Mumbai, where every address is divided into East and West, P is familiar with the names of directions. Now I had to show him to identify them.

I decided to make a homemade compass using a needle, magnet, thermocol piece and water. I got P to rub the magnet in one direction on a needle (it’s tricky and needs careful supervision). Once the needle was magnetised, we poked it through the piece of thermocol and set it in a bowl of water.

The magnetised needle automatically pointed to the North. I turned it around in many directions to show P that no matter what the needle will still point to the north. IMG_20140607_145852He was super thrilled and kept running around to all the rooms to find out where North is.


Once the excitement settled, I got him to bend and point his head to the North. Which means his back is the South, his right hand will be East and left hand will be West. P loved the whole gross movement involved and ran to all the rooms to do the same.IMG_20140607_145912

We then spoke of sun rising in the east and setting in the west, which he seemed to relate much more – now that he has his own home made compass.


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