A made to order birthday

It’s my plane obsessed, dog loving p’art’ner in creativity’s, birthday. We celebrated it early keeping the weekend in mind. We have been planning a whole lot of fun things to do for the longest time. P has his birthday planned a month ago. He wanted a plane shaped cake (what else!), all his friends and art project (handmade) return gift. Ah! that’s my boy!

P promptly called my friend (a professional baker) and delegated the cake to her. He explained how he wanted to have 100 planes on the runway and which all airlines they had to represent. He would take a status check with her practically everyday.


We sat down to make the return gifts, which was a plane shaped key chain and animal fridge magnets. The father drew out planes on foam sheets as we cut, fixed and drew on them. I used craft sticks to make the fridge magnets. P coloured them and stuck google eyes on them. We then made newspaper paper bags to put them all in and tied gift tags around them (bits from P’s old art project).



P had a rocking time and loved his cake. His friends called back to thank him for his hand made return gifts and I saw my boy preen with pride when he said ‘Yes, I made them (the gifts) with my amma and acha’.

And guess who preened the most!



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