Leaf imprinted paper weight

Continuing our sojourn with clay, we decided to experiment with air dry clay as opposed to the regular play doh. Since P still remembers our project about seasons using leaves, I thought I will incorporate that into our new project. I also saw a similar project by another crafter and was reallyimpressed.

So we set out our clay and went about kneading it. P loves this part and he instantly starts making planes, trains and other shapes. I had to rein him in and get him focused. I wanted to make a paper weight with an imprint.

P rolled out a fat piece and flattened it a bit. We then plucked a tiny leaf and pressed it vein side down on the clay. We let it air dry for a day so that it hardened and was ready for the next step.

Once the clay hardened we painted over it. When the paint dried, I peeled off the leaf and we had this beautiful white leaf imprint on red coloured clay. Our leafy paper weight was ready for use.




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