I swear by clay/play dough as it has helped me teach so many different things to P. From colours to shapes to bringing alive our story books, clay is an integral part of our arty life.

One of the earliest things I have been doing with P is making him play with clay/play dough. It is the best activity to improve fine motor skill and creativity. I started letting P play/explore with clay since he was 6 months old. The colours fascinated him and I would make basic shapes in different colours and put it in various corners of the room so that he would crawl and grab it. It proved to be a great learning activity cum entertainer.

I used clay to make little characters from the stories we read and use them as puppets. When I started P with the colour mixing concept, we first tried it using clay – yellow+blue=green.

We have come a long way and one of P’s favourite quiet time activity is making stuff with clay. He makes his 3 little pigs, Sunu Sunu snail, Ozy Octopus, trains, planes and even amma and acha with happy and angry face!






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