Learning about spring with crayon rubbings

Once we finished our fall (season) activity, I moved on to spring. This was easier compared to fall as green leaves are all over the trees. we did a little nature walk in the garden nearby and picked some lovely green leaves. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Botany is limited to identification of rose plants, mango and coconut trees, hence I couldn’t answer much of P’s questions on the type of leaf, tree etc.


Once home we laid out the leaves on the table and placed a sheet of paper over them. P then did crayon rubbings with all the summer (warm) colours. It was great to see the veins of the leaves form as he rubbed the crayons on the. P kept saying ‘so cool’ all through.



We painted with watercolours over the crayon rubbing in a few sheets and my weren’t they cool! We cut out the coloured paper into leaf shapes and have stashed it for future use.




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