Happy Easter

It’s Easter and P’s friends E1, E2 and E3s home is full of Easter goodies. But natural, that P too wanted to adorn their home with his homemade goodies. So we sat down to make E1, E2 and E3 their Easter hamper.



We started off by making the Easter bunny rabbit from old toilet rolls. Got P to paint them and stick google eyes, ears and cotton ball for the tail.



We then hard boiled eggs and gave them a brush wash of baking soda and water. On this we dropped food colouring and a tsp of vinegar to get the speckled effect. Image


The blue egg looked so cool – just like a galaxy, that P decided to keep this for himself and his new friend Taz (my friend’s dog).



Finally the father made the bunny box and we filled it with chocolates and candies to complete our goodies hamper.


The joy on E1, E2 and E3s face when we gave them the hamper was a perfect return gift for P!



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