Melted crayons

A peek into the crayon tray and the next activity was decided. We had stubs of almost all colours and P doesn’t find them easy to hold and colour. So I decided we’ll grate them and do something with the shreds.


I handed over our mini grater to P and he was more than happy to grate the stubs of crayons. It is a great motor activity and P is deft with the grating action as he has been grating cheese for his sandwiches. If your child is unfamiliar with using the grater, I suggest you do it.


Once we had our little piles of grated colours, I drew out patterns on the paper which P filled in with the grated crayons. Then placing a wax paper on top and a bed sheet above it, I ironed the paper. the crayons melted beautifully and mixed with each other giving a shaded effect. At this point some of the colours melted outside our design, so we really couldn’t make out the picture.

But we cut them into leaf shapes and stuck it on our window pane to give a stained glass effect.


We later cut out shapes of fish and flowers and made thank you cards for P’s teacher at school.




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