Cooling ourselves with the Chinese fan

Continuing our cool ice painting, I was wondering what we can do with all the amazing painting we did with coloured ice cubes. P came up with suggestions like making plane models (I should have guessed!), cards, houses and a host of other things from the current Panchatantra book we are reading. That’s when the father came up with an idea of making a fan – keeping it within our theme of ‘cool summer project’.


I thought it was a great idea and it was new for P. So I cut our art work in a semi circle and demonstrated how I wanted him to fold the fan and he immediately got down to serious folding and pressing down.


I decided to make it slightly fancy, so I got out foam sheets (left over from an earlier project) and cut them into small sticks. I then stuck a pin tack to keep them in place. It also helped P to get a grip while opening, closing and fanning himself.


P then stuck the foam sheets on the folds of the fan. I had to help him so that the the fan folded correctly when we opened and closed and it.


P loved opening, fanning and closing it so much that he kept fanning himself declaring ‘It’s soooo hot, but I have a cool fan’




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