Ice painting – perfect art for summer!

The Gods have turned up the thermostat and we are sweltering in the heat.

Most of our art work requires us to keep the fan on medium speed, to prevent the paper from flying and the paint from drying up too soon. P is now vocal about the fact that he prefers art project that involves lower temperatures. What better way to beat the heat than with Ice painting!

I dropped food colour to water and let them freeze overnight. Next morning we had our frozen coloured medium all ready to be painted with. And this time we didn’t have to worry about the paint drying up fast because that’s just what we wanted now.


P loved the sensory experience of painting with ice and for a long time just kept touching and feeling the cold ice cubes.


He kept giggling as he chased the cubes around in the paper. He happily swirled the cubes around creating some abstract designs.



Once done we set them out to dry.



P and I had the most ‘chilled’ out time together!



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