In the earlier post of painting the missing MAL, I had promised to share the technique. So here it is – the bleeding crepe paper technique. It’s really easy and the outcome is a riot of colours


You will need

Colored crepe paper, preferably solid colours like red, blue shocking pink
regular A4 paper


Let your child tear or cut up the papers into medium size bits. Place different colors in different bowls

Draw out your design/favourite character/landscape on the paper. P wanted me to draw Rex the dinosaur


Start sticking these bits of paper on to the A4/white paper using water. They stick really quickly. Just place the paper and dab water.

Keep sticking using different colours and create a mosaic or fill in the drawing you have made

The colour from the paper will start to bleed on to the white paper.
Once you finish sticking the crepe paper on the design, don’t disturb
Let it dry till the crepe paper automatically starts flying off
Once dried, remove the dried crepe paper and see the beautiful riot of colours



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