Missing plane = sad P

As parents to a plane lover, it was quite a challenging week we had at hand. Bad enough that the Malaysian airline, Boeing 777 was missing with so many people aboard, it was worse to make sense of this to a 4 year old who adores the machine. It was not as if we could keep the news from P as it was in your face all through the week. He usually sits with us to flip the newspaper to see pictures of planes and tries to identify them. It is also an activity which the father son duo happily indulge in.

So it was a shocker to my fellow’s world that planes can go missing. We tried to sanitise our answers as much as we could but soon realised that his concern for the plane, that too a Boeing 777, was far more. Every morning dutifully P would ask us if the plane was found and this he reported to all who called in. It was the last thing he checked before he went to bed too.

It was during our holi activity (http://wp.me/p479a9-kv), that P said he wanted to make the Malaysian Airline too. I thought it would be good to let my little plane lover express his concern through art. I am hoping it helped.

For the art, we used the bleeding crepe paper (more in my next post) and dry brush paint technique. Once he finished painting the clouds and sea in pink and blue (beats me!), he got the father to draw MAL with logo and all. I must confess it turned out quite stunning.

He said it was MAL flying in dark clouds which is why nobody can see it and everyone says it’s missing!



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