Celebrating holi wth spin painting

It’s holi, the festival of colours,  in a couple of days and its ironic that P and I cannot celebrate it the traditional way – by dousing ourselves in the beautiful colours. Both of us are extremely allergic to the colours, both the powder and water version. Much that we love colours, we cannot spend a minute in the colouful revelry of the holi festival. The times we have dared to do, has landed us with our respective nebulisers.

Determined to get our hands colourful this time, we celebrated in advance, in our own artistic way.

We decided to celebrate by doing spin painting. I squeezed out tube paints on bottle caps and handed it to P who happily squished the paint first on the paper. I then got him to spin and circle the caps  to form  wonderful whirls of colours.



The surface of the bottle caps gave it a lovely texture and the paper was soon a big canvas of colours and texture.


Next P brought out his toy rolling pin and wanted to roll over the colours. So I squeezed out little of all the colours and he happily rolled them to get a rainbow effect.


The outcome was so stunning that I decided to cut them out and make holi cards.

We had a super time spinning and rolling colours that by the end of it it really looked as if we did play holi.




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