Filling the sky with planes

A couple of weeks back a brown paper package arrived for P. It was a gift from my friend Bindu, the current Santa in his life. She had sent him a book on planes – the one that not only explained on the science behind it’s flying but also had step by step instruction on how to make paper planes. P was literally flying in joy. Bindu aunty made his day by catering exclusively to his favourites – planes and books!


We immediately got down to reading and making the planes. The instructions in the book being simple and graphic, it was easy to make most of the planes.P wanted to make it on his own so I drew lines on the sheet where P could fold so it gave him a sense that hw was indeed making them without help – he is on this independence declaring trip! We made a whole lot of planes that day and over the week and flew them around the house.


The first one of course was made and sent to Bindu aunty as a thank you card. P drew a self portrait as a pilot (with helmet) and gave Bindu the privilege of sitting in his cockpit, albeit with her hair standing up with fear!



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